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Sing with The Master Choir!

We welcome musicians of all ages to audition for a position in The Central Florida Master Choir and invite you to call our conductor, Dr. McSwain, at 352-237-3035 to arrange an audition appointment.

Musicians seeking a choir position will be chosen according to:
  • • meeting the choral needs of the choir (e.g., “choral blend, balance, voicing, tone”)
  • • prioritizing rehearsals and performances
  • • learning his/her part in advance of rehearsals
  • • demonstrating vocal control

The audition is easy. Show up, Dr. McSwain chooses a piece of music for you to sing (usually, a hymn), and the two of you sing it together with piano. It’s low-impact and painless, but vital for the Master Choir’s maintaining its standards of excellence. New musicians receive a hearty welcome at their first rehearsal.

We are fortunate to have teenagers singing alongside older adults—and the experience is like none other for budding musicians. One of our young musicians, now approaching her third year in the Master Choir, will have sung works in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, and Latin, and will have been introduced to the finest of choral repertoire, from Bach and Handel to Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Copland, and Bernstein. Both of our teenagers have sung solos with the Master Choir—masterfully! The experience of sitting alongside musicians with decades of experience singing with some of the world’s finest ensembles is unparalleled for young men and women. Singing in a fine choral group is a passion of a lifetime—for a lifetime.

So, you teenagers: give us a ring!

The Choir will first fill its tenor and bass sections prior to auditioning sopranos and altos, then begin expanding by SATB quartets. Bring an entire SATB quartet—to audition!

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