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Musicians Talk

"Working with Hal McSwain and this wonderful chorus has been the most exciting musical experience of my life; and I've been singing for almost 60 years." - Jack Gresham

"I rank singing in the Master Choir as one of the top choral experiences of my life and I've had a lot of them." - Judy Maxwell

"I feel privileged to have been accepted in this choir where I am challenged to stretch my voice range and singing skills." - Sandy Hynes

"Thank you, Hal, for your insistence on our paying attention to details and for your infectious energy and enthusiasm. Now, whenever I struggle with rhythms, I picture you with the bongo drums." - Brigid Chick

"My experience singing with the Master Choir has been hard work but exhilarating. There's something about being completely drained after a musical performance that is very good for the soul." - Ralph Shafer

"...what a privilege to have the opportunity to perform great music." - Dennis Hall

"This choir's level of professionalism is excellent. What a sound we have! Thank you, Hal." - Cory Stroup

"Music has an inexplicable effect on human emotions, especially when one is participating with a group of performers who are so in tune to each other that the choir is almost like one giant organism." - David Keith

"Singing under the direction of Dr. Hal McSwain has been a privilege. Yes, he is a task master. Would we have it any other way? Words cannot convey the spiritual experience we had singing Brahms' Requiem." - Marianne Carlson

"Singing with such an enthusiastic and energetic conductor, and with the best chorus I ever sang with, has become the highlight of my humble musical career." - Bernhard Burg

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